News and Events Puppy Play Time 4/20/2012 10:55:47 AM We recently adopted two puppies from the local animal shelter. These two puppies are getting to the stage where they want to run around and explore everything. It’s still a little too cold outside for them to spend time romping around (other than a few short walks and bathroom breaks). To make sure that they get plenty of exercise, we set up indoor dog pens.

The puppies don’t mind spending time in the pens. They have plenty of space to run around and lots of cool toys to play with. Plus, our children love to spend time with the puppies and if you’ve ever owned a dog, then you know how much they crave attention and affection.

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Everyone has a collar of one type or another for their dog. When deciding the type of collar it is important to know why you need it. Some people buy a collar specifically for decorative purposes, such as a rhinestone embellished collar while some like the plain no frills type. Then there is the choice of all those in between. In general, a collar is mostly used for walking and training purposes but also to hang their name or license tags on it. The most common type is the leather or link collar as either of them can provide the most stability when walking or training your dog.

Choke collars, choke chains or slip chains are a length of chain with rings at both ends so that the collar can be formed into a loop. The loop that is connected to the leash goes on top of the dog's neck. This is the way it should be put on so that when you pull on the leash the collar will tighten but when you relax the leash the collar will loosen. The quick jerks of the leash, allowing the collar to tighten and loosen, is what you will do to train.

The collars can also be made of nylon rope. It has the same use as the regular choke collar but simply with a length of nylon with a small length of chain. The same techniques of training can be used with this collar as the choke collar but this may be a little more comfortable. This collar would not allow fur to get caught as much as the original collar.

Prong collars are a series of chain links with curved blunted open ends turned towards the dog's neck. The pronged collar is designed to be snug and ride high on your dog's neck. Correction should be given with a slower "pull and release" so that the collar has a pinching action, not a jerking action. The collar is designed to replicate the action of an alpha dogs teeth against the neck. It looks very intimidating but the prong collar does not pinch.
The prong collar is placed on the dog's neck, just like the regular choke collar.

Head halters, also sold under the brand names Halti or Gentle Leader or Snoot Loop, made of a soft nylon the collar fits comfortably around your dog's face without restricting the mouth. The collar works on the principle that where a dogs head goes his body will follow. By gently guiding a dog's head in the direction you want him to go the dog's body will follow.

The way the head collar works is when the dog attempts to lunge forward or attack, his jaws are closed by the slip ring. When he is relaxed or friendly, he can pant easily. Some controversial collars are called Shock collars (or training collars, remote training collars, e-collars, electronic collars and hunting collars). These are electronic (battery operated) training aids that are made to deliver an electrical signal, vibration, tone, through contact points attached to a dog collar. These types of collars are used to train the dog to not bark or to stop some derogatory behavior in your dog.

There are Quick Release collars that look similar to buckle collars, but have a safety mechanism installed that allows the dog to break free of the collar if excessive force is applied. While these collars are not always practical for use on a dog that you are trying to keep in one place they are useful in situations where a regular collar could get snagged and strangle the dog. This is definitely the type of collar you would use only in certain situations.

We all know about the wonderful (I was being sarcastic) Elizabethan collars that are those cone shaped collars that are used to prevent the dog from scratching a wound on its head or neck or licking a wound or infection on its body. Some people believe that these are just simply cruel and other still think it is the best way to keep their pet form re-injuring and area. Make sure to do your homework on the specific type of collar for your needs and those of your pet.

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We all must remember that everything in the universe is made up of a form of energy. What I want to talk about is a healing technique called Reiki. It is a powerful healing tool that is passed from Master to student. Anyone that would like to may learn to practice the these techniques. The best starting point is to practice on your animals. This may create a stronger bond between you and your pets.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is translated as "Universal Life Energy". It is a holistic healing that treats the body as a whole. It also addresses issues at all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. The healing is done by the transmission of energy through the practitioner to the client. Energy work goes directly to the source of the problem. It is a gentle, non-invasive and painless session that is absolutely stress-free for the animal.

Reiki can be done in person or at a distance. It can assist to maintain balance in health and energy.

The best thing about practicing energy work with the animals is that there are no expectations set on their part. The animals can teach us many things as it pertains to the patience and trust that comes with a session. A great part of this technique is that it may create a trust where there was none, or very little, in situations such if you work with an animal rescue agency.

For the animal, they retain a great deal of control over the situation and the session. In this way they become a willing partner in their own healing process. They also do not need to be restrained with a halter or collar. You don't even need to touch them, it can be their choice. For unfamiliar animals, such as those in the rescues, it may be prudent to sit outside of their cage or run. They will receive the same benefits.

While some techniques stress to start at the head end work your way down, when you are dealing with an animal they will tell you where to go. Do not force the animal to go where you want to. Normally they will come towards the energy with the body part that needs the most help. They may come over and lick or nudge your hands. They also may lean towards you or they may also just walk around. Sometimes, if they are unsure of the energy, they may keep their distance. This usually occurs in those that have trust issues. How they react depends on their previous interaction with people. Always remember to keep your intention pure.

While giving the treatment you may feel a little tingling in your fingertips or nothing at all. But trust that the energy is flowing. It may seem strong at times but either way the healing is taking place.

Like humans, animals can become ill when matters of emotions have not been resolved. Reiki will help them let go of these issues. Due to this being a positive aspect of this form of energy work, using this on those that have been abused, abandoned or have behavioral issues can be of tremendous help.

Just keep in mind that when the healing process begins, whether physical or emotional, it may seem that the condition is worsening. It becomes the old adage that things get worse before they get better as this is the process of cleansing and detoxifying.

Patience and caring is always needed throughout, before during and after your session.

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In our younger years as in your pets we were able to run, jump, and play. We wanted to be moving all the time, wanting to play all the time.

When you first heard the word "massage," what do you think of? Did you ever think it could be for your dog?

In some respects, your dog is just like person. I say this because they can experience the injuries, trauma and age just as we do. However, after their injuries are treated by a veterinarian, your dog may continue to experience negative side effects of the injury or even the medication itself. Any and/or all of these effects can include a loss in their mobility, a decrease in muscle flexibility (tightness), or an imbalance in the blood circulation. Eventually, any of these negative effects can accumulate to cause a decline in your dog's overall health, energy, and zest for life.

There are different types of massage depending on your intent for your pet. For wellness and therapeutic, it massage should be a part of the lifestyle. As previously stated massage can offer many benefits. A couple of those benefits include physical and emotional. Massage improves and enhances a large number of functions in the physical body.

Two of the most important functions are:

Blood circulation - Massage helps to increase blood circulation. Better blood circulation means more oxygen and nutrients can be moved and distributed throughout the dog's body. Movement of the blood also assists in the removal of toxins in the body.

Muscle health – to move properly muscle control is essential. Massage will help to loosen tight muscles, increase range-of-motion, and restore muscle tone. If muscles remain tight for a long time, a dog's body feels tension/stiffness/pain; less blood will be able to reach these muscles, and the dog may start to stand, walk and run incorrectly.
If you dog stays stressed for a long period of time it will begin to affect their overall physical health and mental wellbeing. It is also helpful for those pets that are constantly wearing a collar and are tied on a dog run. Think of how much they are walking and running back and forth.

I also have to think of all the pets that are found in the rescues. How much stress are they in? A very important aspect is of those that have been in a stressful situation there comes a time when they may not trust very easily. Such as those that have been abandoned. Just the simply movement of minor massage techniques, circular movements and providing the relaxation may help to assist to bring owner and pet together into a “trust” situation.

Even if your dog has never suffered an injury that has been obvious to you, they will get older, and chances are that it has jumped off of your bed the wrong way or was in a fight with another family pet or chased one too many squirrels. For the aging dog, massage can bring back some of the flexibility back and help them feel younger. But you don’t have to wait for them to be injured or old to provide them with massage. Massage will help with longevity of movement, awareness and overall muscle health.

If you ever started to pet your dogs head and just squeezed and rubbed around his ears, all you had to do was look at their face to be able to tell how they felt about what you were doing. The truth is, by massaging your dogs’ ears, from the base to the tip, you are helping them to relax.
But that is only the beginning...

Please be aware that massage does not replace regular veterinarian care. If any pre-existing conditions exist please consult the veterinarian for advice, as some conditions may exist when your pet should not receive a massage. Factor may come into play where massage may aggravate a situation. If that is the case there are other techniques available they may be provided.

Canine massage is never a substitute for licensed veterinary care

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Now that I live in an area that can get very cold during the winter I find myself looking for a really good dog coat to fit Baby. Don’t let the name fool you, Baby is a 13 year old 90lb lapdog. She is also the type of “puppy “ that doesn’t like to get wet. Hmm... how many others like her are out there? I am guessing a lot.

Anyway, she is in love with her dog coat that is light and waterproof. She also has it in a few different colors so she can look good in any type of weather. No she is not spoiled...but do you know of another dog that totally avoids puddles?

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I live way out in the country where a majority of the horses do not have a stall to go into. They are out in all kinds of weather. Some have blankets on and some don’t. I have to say there are some I have seen some horses that have had blankets 24/7 that are often worn out and have multiple holes in them. So then what’s the purpose?

There are different reasons to use horse blankets:

·         during the cooler seasons to halt the winter coat from occurring

·         during the summer to fend off flies and mosquitoes

·         Keep them warmed up

·         For walking during cool down

·         For a horse that is wet so they don’t get chilled 

Whatever the purpose you use your horse blankets for it is always a good idea to check them from time to time to see the condition. Holes or shredding mean repairs or replacement need to happen. How long does your blanket last? How long should it last?

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Warning Signs of an Illness In Your Dog- 10/6/10

I have had multiple experiences with dogs and various types of surgeries that they may go through.

The most recent surgery my pet has had to go through is an emergency hysterectomy. After being in heat I noticed that she was very lethargic. Meaning she had no energy, moped around and slept quite a bit.

I also noticed that her belly was beginning to expand. She normally had a big belly as she was not a very active dog but this was different. She moaned whenever she moved and her walking, when she went outside, was very slow. She also didn’t raise her ears up to give me “that look” anymore. The final straw was she stopped eating that night and would only drink water.

I took her to the vet immediately and they performed an exam and multiple x-rays. When the vet showed me the x-rays we were both astonished. We did see that she had a problem with her uterus but there was something larger looming on the x-ray that he couldn’t figure out. There was a huge mass that almost looked like her abdomen but was not.

It was decided to do emergency surgery the following morning. Now I have to say that was very nervous as Baby is 13 years old and I didn’t want to lose her but I also didn’t want to see her in pain. So I made the choice that she will go through the process.

When the vet called me to let me know that she came through the surgery fine I was elated. Then he was laughing. Huh? He told me that what they took out of her was approximately 5 lbs worth of uterine and ovarian tissue. This was one for the history books, is what he said. The big mass we saw on the x-ray was her ovary that had expanded so much. She must have been in so much pain that it was incredible that she even walked to go to the bathroom.

When I brought her home I became concerned again because she wouldn’t eat but only drank water again. My thoughts were, oh boy here we go again, what is wrong now. What I needed to do is remember what my other pets and Baby had gone through in the past after surgery. They don’t eat.

It took 3 days for her to eat again. Thank goodness that was over with.  

There are a few of morals to my story.

#1 Be very aware of your pet and realize when something is not right

#2 If you are not going to breed your pet get them spayed. There is no rhyme or reason why you shouldn’t and it will help to keep them healthy

#3 Keep a diary of your pet about things they go through and the reactions to the situation. This would have helped me not stress when she wasn’t eating after the surgery. 

If anything, I hope this helps someone else that may go through a stressful time illness with their pet.

October 2010 Newsletter 2/16/2011 6:30:42 PM


October 2010

cheerleader-large.jpgNew Costumes in stock now! Plus get FREE SHIPPING on all costumes for your pets.

Just think of all the photo opportunities you will have by purchasing a costume for your pet to wear for Halloween. Choose from the Cheerleader, Superman, Policedog, Firefighter dog and more.

There are also some costumes for your horse. Turn your horse into a Santa Claus pony or a Reindeer with new head gear! Make them a part of all the holidays too!

The important thing to remember during this holiday is that chocolate could have deadly consequences for your pet. Please make sure that any children that your pets come in contact with understand this. Keep dogs out of the candy bowl. Dispose of candy wrappers before your pets get to them, since the wrappers can cause choking or intestinal obstruction. Make sure the dogs can't get into the trash. Note: Chocolate contains theobromine, which can cause nerve damage and even death in dogs. The darker the chocolate, the more concentrated it is -- and the smaller the lethal dose.

If you notice these symptoms of chocolate poisoning, go to your vet or an emergency vet right away because your pet's life may be in danger:

Excessive drooling
Excessive urination
Pupil dilation
Rapid heartbeat
Vomiting and diarrhea
Muscle tremors and seizures

If you walk your pet with your children during trick or treating please be aware of your pets responses. Not all dogs appreciate the costumes and all the noise that comes with Halloween. And always keep your pet on a leash and by your side.


Pink.jpg Doggy Long Johns

Now you can take your dog for a walk in the cooler weather and they can still stay warm and cozy. These wonderful outfits come in Red, Blue or Pink to suit your pets personality. These even come with a button flap on the back. Of course it doesn't get in the way of your dog doing their "business".

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Bordentown, NJ (PRWEB) October 22, 2009 -- Lisa Jakober grew up working with animals, specifically dogs and horses. Her days have been spent training these animals in agility, jumping, barrel racing and pleasure riding for nearly 40 years. In her more recent years, she works part time as a canine massage therapist and energy worker for both dogs and horses.

In an effort to transform her passion for animals into a prosperous online business, she developed a Web site,, which is set to launch in November of this year. Here other animal owners and enthusiasts can browse through a vast assortment of supplies and accessories for horses and dogs. Among her products are clothing and costumes, beds and crates, collars, carriers and totes, toys and much more, for dogs. Her collection of horse products includes halters, leads, blankets, grooming equipment and tools, toys and Western saddles.

"It's often hard to find affordable supplies that people want and need for pets and animals. My Web site was built to provide the essential and luxury items for dogs and horses at competitive prices," Jakober said.

Ultimately, she hopes to build a horse and dog rescue program with the money she earns from her Web site. Her undying devotion and love for animals is the motivating factor behind her business and plans for the future. Customers are encouraged to visit the site's newest feature, This interactive blog will serve as a platform for discussion about product information and the introduction of new merchandise. Jakober will also write about her personal experiences working with animals.

About the Company: is owned and operated by horse and dog trainer Lisa Jakober.

Lisa Jakober

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Kalispell, Montana, United States of America ( October 6, 2010 --
Columbia Falls, MT, October 6, 2010 - The owner of Dogs Clothes Plus Equine Supplies , Lisa Jakober, has been working with animals for more than 35 years. Owning gives her the ability to provide quality products for your horse and dogs and has been updating and adding new products continuously.

With the up and coming holidays they are now introducing a new line of products for your dogs, Bling dog collars. You will find a wide assortment of crystal colors to suit your needs and color palate.

These are exclusive designs that will show off your pets with blinding sparkle. The collars can be done using beautiful Swarovski and Czech crystals. You also have a choice of leather, velvet or nylon for the collar base.

Your pet will be ready for the red carpet with these collars. Add a leash and you will be all set! features the many colors available for the crystals and collar bases. They look as great in person as well as in the photos. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance for Dogs Clothes

Since you have the collar Dogs Clothes Plus also offers your choice of leash to make it a matching set and a perfect photo opportunity for you and showcase the String of Bling on your pet.

They are also offering a 10% discount on these collars as part of their introduction. Choose from a single, double or more String of Bling for your dog collar.

Dogs Clothes Plus Equine Supplies stated that they hold their quality of
customer service highly so should you need something that you do not see on their website please ask them.

You may also ask about how Dogs Clothes Plus Equine Supplies can help you customize the look you want.

Lisa stated that “the proceeds from sales at are creating the funds to begin a dog and horse rescue in North West Montana”.


Contact Dogs Clothes Plus at 406-890-5244 or via their website at,



Founder of, Lisa Jakober, created an online business to promote and distribute a variety of dog and horse supplies. She has grown up training animals and currently does side work as a canine massage therapist and energy worker for both dogs and horses. Customers are encouraged to visit the Web site's blog, which will serve as a platform for product information discussion.